washing hands

Our COVID-19 Policies

As a business which relies on producing and supplying product to our valued clients, we understand our responsibility to play a constructive role in supporting health initiatives.

As always, we follow strict guidelines set out by the CFIA and IPIA, however we’ve implemented the following extra precautions for all staff and delivery drivers while we navigate the new and emerging information around COVID-19 Preventative Recommendations:

  • Any visitors or outside persons are advised not to come into the office, if required they must sign in and out on the sign in desk at the front office. Any outside delivery drivers must stay outside of the warehouse while their truck is being loaded. They too must sign the sign in and out sheet.
  • Party Ice will be adopting a 'no hand-shake' policy moving forward. As an extra precaution for drivers and customers, we will no longer require signatures on invoices, however our drivers will note the name of the receiver and add this onto the invoice.
  • We are asking all employees not feeling well to stay home until they're feeling better. Anyone who has travelled in the last 14 days or been in close contact with those who have, are being asked to self-isolate for the recommended time frame.
  • As a reminder we’ve posted signage recommending to wash or sanitize hands often, particularly:
    1. before and after preparing or eating food
    2. changing work stations
    3. after touching pets
    4. after handling waste, dirty laundry or bathroom use
    5. whenever hands look dirty
  • We have taken extra precautions with increased cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, all cleaning efforts are documented and recorded.
  • All entry into our production/ warehouse area has been limited to essential personnel only. In the event of a facility disruption or shut down, we have established contingency plans with our other sites acting as back up facilities to help to minimize any interruption in operations.
  • We’re taking the necessary precautions to increase the production of packaged ice to our maximum inventory holding capacity, including utilizing outside storage to further build up safety stock.

As of right now we are doing our best to continue business as usual, however, we are monitoring the current situation closely and will continue to do what is recommended by the provincial and federal Government.